These are the two best things I read today on the internet.

And I kinda wanted to clear something up: New York is going great. Really great.

I know it’s only been two weeks, so who am I to say anything about this city, but so far I like her* and I think for the most part she likes me back. (*NYC is undoubtably a city embodiment of the soul of a fierce lady and I will always refer to her as such.)

She doesn’t like me enough to be handing me piles of men and money in the quantities that I see fit or enough to not keep me from tripping UP the subway steps late last night so hard that I chipped my freshly pedicured feet and had to go to three separate pharmacies in three separate neighborhoods to find the right damn shade of Essie so that I could fix it myself or enough to not have a passive aggressive typed letter writing campaign from the neighbors downstairs trying to throw shade on my stoop plant game.

But even though New York doesn’t like me enough in some ways, my incredible network of friends and family likes me on a level that supercedes all of that shit and has made me feel so loved and supported (THANK YOU) on the beginning of this new life journey that it distracts me from the dark and twisty facts that:
A) I’m miles away from a world that I spent thirty years creating to make me feel comfortable
B) New York City is an uphill battle both ways, all day every day.

The coolest part about this chapter of my life is getting to one of those peaks on the hill and looking around and thinking: “Goddamn, I’m so exhausted, but I can’t believe I made it here. Let’s do the damn thing, girl.”